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A Surprisingly Sweet Side Dish

Hylians, listen up! Forget boring boiled vegetables; it’s time to level up your cooking game with a recipe straight from the kingdom of Hyrule. Glazed Veggies might sound fancy, but they’re actually a super simple and surprisingly delicious way to make those veggies disappear – even if you’re not the biggest fan of greens.

What Makes These Glazed Veggies Special?

  • Sweet and Savory Twist: The combination of veggies and honey creates a unique flavor that’s both sweet and savory, making it a great way to introduce picky eaters to vegetables.
  • Energy Boost: These glazed veggies not only fill your belly, but they also restore hearts, giving you that extra energy boost you need to continue your adventures.
  • Easy to Make: No complex cooking techniques required! Just gather the ingredients, toss them in a pot, and let the magic happen.


  • Courser Bee Honey: This is the key ingredient that gives the veggies their glazed sweetness. Find it by shaking trees or defeating Courser Bee hives.
  • Any Vegetable: This recipe is super versatile! Use Hyrule Herbs, Fortified Pumpkins, Swift Carrots, or any other vegetable you have on hand.
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  1. Gather Your Ingredients: Grab your Courser Bee Honey and chosen vegetables. Remember, the more vegetables you use, the more hearts you’ll restore!
  2. Light a Fire: Find a cooking pot and start a fire underneath. (Or if you’re feeling adventurous, cook over a volcanic vent for a unique experience!)
  3. Toss and Cook: Toss your veggies and honey into the pot and watch the magic happen.
  4. Enjoy! Once cooked, savor your Glazed Veggies and feel the energy flow through you!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Experiment with Different Veggies: Try different combinations to find your favorite flavor profile.
  • Spice It Up: If you want to add a little heat, try adding some Spicy Peppers or Chillshrooms to the mix.
  • Cook in Bulk: Make a large batch and store the leftovers for later. They’ll make a great snack for your next adventure.

So, next time you’re out exploring Hyrule, keep an eye out for those vegetables and Courser Bee Honey. With this simple recipe, you can turn even the most ordinary veggies into a delightful and energizing dish. Happy cooking, fellow adventurers!

Glazed Veggies with a Twist: Exploring Flavorful Variations

We mentioned experimenting with different vegetables in your Glazed Veggies recipe, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Here are some exciting ways to add a flavorful twist to this versatile dish:

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Fruity Fusion: Add a fruit like a Hearty durian or a Fresh Apple to your Glazed Veggies for a sweet and tangy surprise. This combination is particularly delightful with leafy greens like Hyrule Herbs.

Spicy Surprise: Feeling adventurous? Throw in aSpicy Pepper along with your honey and vegetables. This fiery addition will give your Glazed Veggies a kick, perfect for when you need a little extra oomph!

Hearty Feast: Glazed Veggies are already great for restoring hearts, but you can take it up a notch by adding a Hearty Radish or any other hearty ingredient. This will create a super-restorative meal, ideal for tackling challenging dungeons.

Elemental Enhancement: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features various elemental ingredients. Try adding a Chillshroom for a temporary defense boost or a Voltfin Trout for an increased attack power. Just remember, some elemental effects might cancel each other out, so choose wisely!

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative! The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your Glazed Veggies.

By experimenting with different ingredient combinations, you can create Glazed Veggies that perfectly suit your taste buds and adventuring needs. So, grab your cooking pot and get ready to discover a world of flavor in Hyrule!

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